Canbus Connectors Trouble

A fairly frequent job on JD tractors is replacing the Canbus connectors, which are responsible for a series of random error codes popping up on the Command Center screen – 2000.09 in particular.

Tractors with mechanical spool valves have four connectors: one in the engine bay, one in the fuse board behind the seat, one under the range lever and one by the side of the fuel tank. Those fitted with electric spools have another near the hydraulic pump.

For someone that doesn't know what they're doing these can be a bit of a fiddle to fit, but an experienced mechanic can do them in about an hour - expect to pay about 42 USD each for them, plus labour.

Occasionally, a similar set of codes can be displayed if the ECU has failed.

A simple way of telling the difference is that the engine hours – which are stored in the ECU ­– aren't displayed on the dash.

Replacement ECUs can be found for about 2000 USD, but they need to be programmed by a main dealer.

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Canbus Connectors Trouble

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